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Welcome to Anderson Photography!! I am no longer doing photography as a business but as a hobby.  With my primary job I didn't feel like I could dedicate the amount of time necessary to do photography for hire anymore.  Regardless, please the enjoy the photos I have taken and the new ones I have added over time! 


In the summer of 2010 I found I had an interest in photography when a friend of mine handed me his DSLR camera.  We were both competing in a 4-H event where he placed as a competitor and needed a photo taken.  Upon using his camera, I found a new love for photography and using a camera in general.  Later that summer, I saved up every nickel, penny, and dime I could find to purchase my first camera. The beginning of my photography obsession...

During my senior year of high school (2011-2012), I started "Anderson Photography" officially with this website.  This has allowed me to practice the craft of photography and improve my skills over time also while financially allow me to expand on my equipment.  When I went to college I majored in Computer Networking and later on adding a minor in photography.  Through the experience of college and working with my photography professors, I was able to really learn on what makes a photo good and bad.  There were several good memories made that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

After graduating from college I spent more time taking photos while working full time as a computer network technician for a local internet service provider.  Since then an opportunity came about (early 2018) for me to move back home to Brookfield where I could be the Directory of Technology at my alma mater!

Today I attend as many of the different events that are happening at the Brookfield R-III School District, not as a paid service but as a fun way to give back to the community.  I no longer do photography for hire, but still enjoy taking photos.  

Please enjoy the images I have taken! 

~Mathew Anderson~

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