Anderson Photography: Blog en-us (C) Anderson Photography (Anderson Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:45:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:45:00 GMT Anderson Photography: Blog 80 120 Sit, Stay, Fetch! Well I honestly haven't made a blog post in quite some time...  A lot has happened since the last time I posted anything!!  I started this back in May thinking that I would get it posted, but honestly with the new job and finishing up some summer classes, my blog post completely slipped my mind...


One of the major things that has happened includes the passing of my old dog Duchess.  On April 16, 2015 cancer took her away from me, she had a wonderful life of being spoiled but in the end her life was rather short.  We were expecting it though, you see she started slowing down considerably in the last year of her life.  The cancer she had started in her ears, causing growths inside the canal of both of her ears thus causing hearing loss along with a lot of irritation.  The cancer then spread throughout her body and one of her paws grew out of proportion.  She was well loved, but we knew it was her time.  We are thankful that she did pass on her own, as no-one in the family had the heart to take her and put her down.  She was a member of our family.    I was fortunate though, my best friend Katie Daller took it upon herself to get me a puppy prior to the passing of Duchess.  Having Acelynn helped with the passing of Duchess, she was a good comfort.

100_1816 revised100_1816 revised

I am extremely grateful for having Duchess in my life, as she did teach me a lot about raising a dog and preparing me to raise Acelynn.  As you can see Duchess has been with me for most of my young adult life.  Often or not I would be having a bad day and I would just go out to the woods or the back-field to clear my head.  I would always take Duchess with me as she would enjoy the exercise and I would enjoy her company.  I still remember the day my parents brought Duchess down to my grandparents as a surprise (surprise gift that is).  You see I always have wanted a dog growing up, and Duchess was my first dog!   The reason why I didn't have a dog earlier in my life, is due to the reason that we had a cat named Kittyboots (my mom named him, and he was in the family a year before I was born.  Kittyboots or Boots for short, and I didn't really get along...  Beside the fact I was allergic to cats, he really wasn't a friendly cat to anyone.  So I struggled to form a bond with him, he was also an outside cat and didn't hang around very often which made it harder as well.

So when Kittyboots died, my parents surprised me while I was visiting my grandparents with Duchess!!  

Mathew and Duchess (2)Mathew and Duchess (2)

And she grew fast!

Mathew and Duchess DogMathew and Duchess Dog


She was a great companion and I do miss her, but at the same time I got the chance to meet another beautiful puppy name Acelynn, who I love dearly.  What surprised me, is how similar Acelynn (Ace for short) looks like in comparison to Duchess.  They are both the same color, but the main difference is Ace has no white on her paws like Duchess did.  Which I am completely okay, another difference that I have noticed is that Ace resembles more of a lab than Duchess ever did (plus her natural oder is not as bad as Duchess's).  Ace (pictured below) is definitely a lot of company and a lot of fun. 



She may be a little ornery as well... 


I am thankful everyday that she has been in my life.  I believe that her and I have a lot closer bond than Duchess and I ever had.  It helps a little that she gets to stay inside the house...  

Ace is a true companion, she absolutely wants to be by your side and not be alone.  I take her for truck rides and have entered her in a dock jumping competition (we couldn't get her to jump off the dock into the water unfortunately).  I plan to keep trying to get her to jump off the dock, I will try to keep everyone posted on our progress...


The medal is just a participation medal (above photo courtesy of Julie Wright).


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Photo Expo Time!! It's that time of year again for the University of Central Missouri Photo Expo!!!!!  I look forward to this time every year as a participant (even though it's just my second year doing it).  What's different about this year is that I get to be a part of the "staff" that helps run the photo expo taking notes from what the judges say about contestant's photos or help with adding the scores together to tally up the results.  As always I have to decide what photos I want to enter into the photo expo...  This has been my major problem for the last week... I can't seem to decide what photos I want to exhibit in the competition!!  Each photo I want to enter has to be mounted on mount board so that it has a rigid side so it can be displayed for the public to see (in the University Library).  

Well here are some of the photos I am thinking about entering in the photo expo...  I may enter all of these but I haven't decided as I can't enter anything that I did last year, and only one photo actually won anything which is my tree photo right below (note that I can't re-enter it this year as the rules state).


I have always loved this photo, I was driving to work (a game farm in the country) when I noticed this lonesome tree out in the field... I was blown away.  Now not everybody has the same appreciation for this photo as I do, but that doesn't matter as this photo won first place in it's category getting me a nice Think Tank Photo Belt, that I use for major events like sports or the county fair.

Here are the photos I am thinking about entering (below)!


Barn snow trailBarn snow trail BarnBarn Going for GoalGoing for Goal Mr. WrightMr. Wright Old WoodOld Wood The Bell GameThe Bell Game The LakeThe Lake


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My Portrait Photography Class As some of you know I am taking classes in Computer Networking but along the way I am working toward earning a minor in photography.  One of the classes I get to take is called Portrait Photography.  In this class we are taught the fundamentals of lighting and posing "human" subjects.  Throughout the semester we are given numerous assignments challenging us to be better photographers.  It's also a part of our job as a photographer, to edit the photos to the best of our abilities.  

At first, I didn't start out as well as I hoped I would.  Our first assignment was "North Window Light."  When photographing portraits, there are a lot of things our details one must remember to make that breath taking shot.  Window light requires the main light source to be the soft light produced from light reflecting back through a window.  The sun can't be directly coming in through the window, it has to be from other windows to get the effect that is wanted.  It can create some awesome effects if it's done correctly!


Our second assignment was a Low Key portrait.  Low key consists of using a black backdrop with your subject wearing dark clothes (as you can see I didn't do that correctly in the photograph below).  At this point my posing was rather general, and non-creative.  All in good time will you be able to remember everything to make a good picture.


Our most recent assignment is the High Key photo.  Instead of a black backdrop like that of the Low Key, the High Key portrait requires the use of a white background, with the subject wearing a white or light color set of clothes.  One might be able to tell that, my skills in posing have gotten better as this class progressed.  This photo for me, has been the highest grade yet so far this semester!  Hopefully I can continue this trend with the rest of my photos.


Stay tuned for later in the semester when I put more and more of my assignments online!  Thanks for reading!

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College, My Journey There has been moments in which I have been challenged to see things more in depth.  Since I have been in college I have came to the understanding that you will not always get that perfect A, but rather what knowledge you gain from not being perfect.  The more effort you put into something or an assignment, the more you will get out of it.  

No one in this world is perfect, we are all human.  We are going to have bad days and we are going to have good days.  It all boils down in how we chose to react from it.  Some might go with a negative way of thinking making their own way life miserable.  While others look at things in a positive way, where life is a beautiful thing.

I personally try to look at things with a positive attitude towards life, even when things seem to be going downhill.  In reality there are some days life that are just plain miserable.  I have learned that in given time you can get over these troublesome things and grow from it.  Sometimes it's just really hard to pick up the pieces leftover from the day.

In college, as a student, I am experiencing new things everyday.  Whether it be knowledge or social skills, it's more than what I could find in high school, but that's why it's called college.

The main difference I am finding, is the kind of homework and the amount of it assigned.  There have been days where I go crazy because of how something isn't working right, or I don't understand something well enough.  You just learn how to study and make the best of all the opportunities given to you.  Life is life, and you have to live yours no matter what everybody else thinks, or how they grade you.  Grades don't last forever, as long as you graduate, you are doing better than a lot!

Having a room all to myself, has given me the time and space to think about how and where my life is going.  College has forced me to do projects above the guidelines that were instructed to us by our professor.  Oh, of course, there were times where I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown and become a vegetable, but I got over that!  What amazes me is, forcing me to go above and beyond has made me do things better outside of school.  I look more closely at the details in life instead of ignore them as I pass by.

One thing though that has bothered me, and still is a problem for me is being a part of a couple.  I have had only one relationship in my entire life (as you can see I'm referring to dating) and honestly I don't know if it really counts only because it lasted three days...  One of the main issues I have is I can't decipher between just flirting (as being a friend only) or flirting to be in a relationship...  Am I the only guy that problem in understanding women? With that in mind when I started college, I figured I would get a fresh start, and maybe find someone...

Just so you know, I'm currently still single, but honestly after seeing some of the people here at college, I'm not worried!  There is still plenty of time to find the right person, I mean, it's not like I don't have a lifetime to do it! 

From my experiences of trying to be in a relationship (yes I have tried more than once, but the circumstances didn't work out), it does you no good to let yourself get all worked up about someone before asking them out.  It's better if you go on a leap of faith, and ask them out than to sit and let things boil up inside yourself.  At least that way, you get the hard part out of the way... There is so much less heartbreak in that sense.  I mean, what do I know?  I have never really dated before... So I am all out for meetings someone in college to change that!

On top of everything else, I am making the attempt to lose weight.  By eating less, and walking, I believe I can do it.  Prior to college, back in high school, I was put on forced diet where I lost about 40 pounds.  Braces don't just fix your teeth but also how you eat.  Since then I have had the braces taken off, and gained all the weight back plus some.  So it's my goal to get back down to 200 pounds.

My exercise plan mainly consists of walking around the campus multiple times.  I time myself so that way I stay on a steady beat.  I usually walk an hour and 15 minutes give or take to do four laps.  My goal is to get more laps in that same amount of time.  I will see how it goes, I guess...

Wish me luck!

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My Friend, the Enemy As some of you may know, I am allergic to Cats.  If I pet any cat and then touch my face, my allergies will light up like a fourth of July.  I’m not deathly allergic, but it will make my life miserable.  I’m just telling you this so you understand the implications of my friend the enemy.

My first cat experience was with Kitty Boots, my family’s pet.  Kitty Boots and I didn’t always get along the best, but we made do, the main reason is because I was just a baby and he was kicked out of the house when I came along.  As long as I knew him, he wasn’t very nice ever!!  When I was about four or five I was tested for allergies and I found out I was allergic to cats.  After that I stayed away from Kitty Boots.  There wasn’t a lot of pictures of me and him either, I had to look through all of my mom’s photo albums to find one that I could use in this blog!! 


As time went by Kitty Boots passed on… Then I got a dog!!  I was a lot happier to have a pet I could play with and not worry about being sick with allergies!

There was a time period that I didn’t really have to worry about being around a cat… It wasn’t until about last year that I realized my dangerous future…

Well, there is the cat, and his name is Cupcake, I have yet to meet any other cat quite like him in his determination to get near me.  It has become quite the game with me and him, as he just wants to be petted, but doesn’t understand what will happen to me if I were to pet him.  So he has started to “stalk” me every time I am at “his” house. IMG_3036

Most cats will tend to stay to themselves and not bother anybody when someone is nearby.  Just not in this case…  If I am sitting on the floor, he will slowly creep his way towards me from behind…  I feel like prey in a safari, being hunted by a lion.  No matter where I go, I have to keep my eye on him; it’s that second I am not paying attention that he “attacks.”  He is expanding his attack zone; he has learned how to climb to the top of the cabinets…  I’m safe NOWHERE!! 

IMG_3072 20130627_121942

We have this special relationship between him and I, if I am on the couch sitting/relaxing, guess what, Cupcake is sitting and relaxing somewhere on the same couch.  He has this special ability to climb into my lap, without any notice what so ever…  Then everyone is snapping their fingers (as he has been trained to respond to that) and saying his name to get him to move from my lap.  This cat has it in for me, no matter how hard I try to avoid him, there is no way I will be successful. 


It’s funny, as I am writing this blog, Cupcake is sitting two seats away waiting for me to let my guard down so he can get closer without me noticing.  It’s become quite the joke among family and friends, this game between me and Cupcake… I find it funny, in how he keeps trying as everyone stops him before he can touch me.  Honestly I could pet him, but it would be in my best interests not to do so.


So just to get back at him, and so that I had photos to go with this blog post, I “stalked” him with my camera.  I was able to get several photos, but while I was doing it, it seemed to me he was just parading around for the camera… He is quite the camera ham if you ask me!

It doesn’t quite end there with Cupcake either, you see Cupcake gained a “little brother” so to speak.  His name is Leo, named after Leo the Lion.  I don’t think I have ever met a kitten so energetic in my life!


Leo is actually a little more dangerous than Cupcake, you see Cupcake understands his limits in touching me, Leo on the other hand, does not…  So there have been countless times when I have had to “remove” Leo from my lap.  He’s worse than Cupcake!!  I have to give him credit though, he can fetch a ball better than most dogs!

This last weekend I had the pleasant experience of babysitting the animals for awhile, guess what, both Cupcake and Leo took advantage of their opportunities and sat on my lap while I was watching a movie.  Each of them sat on my lap for about an hour before they got up…  I think I made their weekend!!

IMG_0659 IMG_0649

So as you can see I have no way in winning this battle/war with the cats, they love me way to much!!  It has gotten to the point where they try to get away from someone to get on my lap…  Now that is some dedication to a sport if you ask me!

All in all I love them, I just have to be careful in how much physical contact I am with them!  They still won though!


Thanks for reading!

Mathew Anderson

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The Countdown Begins... As a student in college, one begins to realize the value of having days off from class.  Here at UCM, we as the student body were given  four days off due to the inclement weather in a weeks time.  As everyone else here in Warrensburg, we welcomed the winter break.  The snow did accumulate to great depths in certain areas, in which a two, rear-wheeled drive truck would have no chance of getting out of the parking lot.  So instead of getting out of town early, I had to wait till there were better road conditions available.

So in the mean time, like my fellow peers, we too the time to enjoy the snow-covered campus and its beauty.  With me being a photographer I couldn't resist taking some pictures.  The campus was just so beautiful with the snow everywhere that I couldn't pass up the chance to capture it to an image file to share with everyone.  The main difference for me taking pictures this time was instead of just taking one picture of a scene or several of the same scene, I decided to spice it up a bit...  I still ended up taking a lot of pictures of the same scene, but the pictures were taken in a certain way and order, so that they form a panoramic photo, making one huge photo.

UCM Quad 2 Here is a picture of the UCM Quad.  Thanks to Dr. Rubin and Dr. Lubaroff for letting me take pictures of the Marching Mules, I was able to learn how to form a panorama of the band from that experience and use that experience in my own personal interests.  If you want to see some other panoramas, check out the gallery called Panoramas here on my website.  I have found that in certain cases a panorama is the best solution in capturing a scene.

As we roll into March I realized that this year has all ready started going by fast.  In March, is when Spring Break comes!!!  Unlike some students, my plans aren't including a trip to some tropical place or partying my pants off, but rather getting myself prepared for the fall semester at UCM.  What that means is, I plan on having a summer job.  Don't worry, I still plan on running Anderson Photography like I have been or better than before!!  The main difference there will be my free time, I will be really busy with the added responsibilities of a job.  So in the meantime, I have decided to have a Photography Special, at the end of April 30th, 2013 there will be one lucky winner who will receive a free photo session from Anderson Photography.  Don't forget to invite your friends to like my page, it gives you an extra chance to win for every friend that tells me that you invited them.  So do you have the guts to invite your friends to like Anderson Photography?  You have 1 month, 28 days, 22 hours, and 33 minutes till the giveaway is over.  The countdown has begun...

To enter the giveaway, you first must like my page on Facebook and second like the "giveaway" photo.  The "giveaway" photo is an image that talks about the giveaway.  So check Anderson Photography out on Facebook!! 


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Merry Christmas!! I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Christmas Season.  At the Anderson's we had an awesome Christmas!  I got a brand new set of studio soft boxes.  Now I can take better pictures in a studio fashion.  I have only taken a few photo with so far but I can all ready tell it's better than  using my "speedlites."  Speedlites have their own purpose out in the field, whereas the soft boxes are better for the indoor portraits.  I found it a lot easier to take portrait pictures with the soft boxes.  The speedlites make a harsher light, whereas the soft boxes make the light softer and more appealing. 

If you are looking into getting more professional in photography.  I strongly recommend getting soft boxes to use for indoor portraits.  I am planning on doing some more indoor portraits with my soft boxes.

Here is a Pine Tree (like a Christmas Tree), I took this picture about a year ago! IMG_0327

(Anderson Photography) Wed, 26 Dec 2012 05:53:30 GMT
Have You Been Voting? I thought it would be only right if I spoke of my hometown's Bell Game Rivalry.  This year my hometown and the rival town have been given a chance to win at the national level of the best rivalry.  I am asking you to go vote!! its real simple you go to USAToday to vote.  If you are home reading this then you should be voting!!


So vote for the Brookfield and Marceline Bell Game Rivalry at:


Here is a music video that both High Schools put together to pick up participation in the event!

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Buck Fever This Saturday is the opening day of Deer Season!!  As many others I am getting myself prepared to go out in the wilderness and set up to go deer hunting.  There is so much to get ready, getting your gun sighted in, buying your deer tag(s), making sure the blind is ready, getting the four-wheeler loaded, and making sure there is food packed for the blind!  Also for those hunters like me, having propane for the heater to keep warm!!

Just remember while you are in the blind/stand, don't let the buck fever take control of your actions when that monster buck walks out.  It's one thing to say you seen big buck, it's another to actually get that monster.  So all I am trying to say is, don't miss!!  Also be safe while you do it!!

Deer hunting is one of my favorite times of the year.  One thing to remember is be very quiet while hunting because you don't want this to happen:

IMG_7037 You want to see the pictures of someone with the Buck!:

IMG_4362 IMG_4369 Happy Hunting!!

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The Good Ol' Days... As you grow older you gain friends that you will never forget.  They will shape your life as you will theirs.  Sometimes we forget who we have as friends till you no longer have them.

A few days back, I was talking to a good friend about some of the good ol' days.  This brought up some memories that I hadn't thought of in a long time!  One might realize how important those "things you do" as a kid shape your life and stay with as you grow older.  The playground is a magical place for children growing up.  I remember playing games and having to use my imagination to keep myself entertained (with friends of course).  We use to travel back in time to look for dinosaur eggs or travel in space to do missions.  Those were the days when life was simple and you could do anything you wanted.  Those were the days you made friends for life...

If you think about it, back then EVERYONE was your friend, it wasn't until we got older that we started separating ourselves into the different cliques...  I remember some of the "big kids" that would come down to the room as student-teacher helpers.  In Kindergarten was when I first learned how to count to 10 in Spanish.  It was so exciting to learn something like that.

I also remember the nap-times!!  Like any other time as a kid, you hated taking a nap.  Now as an adult, anytime we have free time is when we want to nap.  The only difference is that adults don't get any chances to take nap-times!!!  There has just been a lot of things like that, that has changed from being a kid to an adult.

As a kid, life was so much easier for me than it is today.  I didn't have the responsibilities that I have to look after now that I didn't have back then.  We didn't have to worry as much about what clothes we wore or how dirty we got.  We just played...

I am very thankful for the friends I have gained over the years.  They have shaped me into the person who I am today.  Without them, I wouldn't ever have gotten into photography.  So thank you!!IMG_5502

(Anderson Photography) Wed, 24 Oct 2012 03:47:59 GMT
Time to Go Hunting! It's amazing how the early morning rush starts when you know you are about to go out hunting.  Dressing up in the camo jackets and coats to help camouflage yourself from any animals is the only sets of clothing a person should ever have to have (or at least for summer a camo shirt).  

That feeling of waiting for the sun to come up so that you can shoot geese or ducks is so exhilarating!  For me it's not necessary to always get something, but rather the atmosphere of being out there hunting is what makes me happy.IMG_7372

When that morning fog comes off the water, it's just breath taking view, unless it takes all morning and the ducks (or Teal in this case) had all ready landed for the day by the time the fog had lifted enough to see around us.

Unlike Canada Geese, Teal don't make sounds other than the quiet beat of their wings as they fly.  Along with their amazingly fast speed and quietness, they are very hard to predict where they are going to show up, so you can shoot them.  It usually takes a lot of patients and good timing to hit a Teal with shot from a shotgun.

Along with Teal hunting, Goose hunting is a blast.  They are a little bit easier to predict where they are going.  Especially if they have committed to land, with their size, it will take them to long (if you are paying attention as a hunter) for them to get up in the air again before you shoot them.

But with all types of hunting, you as the hunter must be ready at all times for them (the animals) to show up unexpected.  It is always wise to take all kinds of precautions when hunting and making sure your blind is camouflaged. IMG_8773

As you can see in the image, these blinds are very well camouflaged, and that proved to be true with the geese we got!


Early Goose season was a blast!!  I look forward to our future goose hunts!

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Marching Mules I just wanted to update everyone on what's been going on in my life.  The past few weeks have been really busy!!  I was given the chance to take portrait shots of the Marching Mules!  I have to say it was a lot of fun but at the same time exhausting.  Dr. Rubin and I started around 8 o'clock preparing for the photo shoot.

All morning while the band had its dress rehearsal, we were out there taking the candid shots of them making the different pictures on the field.  Now that was exciting!  As a photographer, you can't stay in one place (when out on the field with the band) very long because you might get ran over!!  So we were out there in between the band members taking candid shots of the band performing.

After the dress rehearsal we then sat up for the portrait group shots.  The shots came out perfect.  Then Dr. Rubin and I went up to the top of the stadium to take some panoramas of the band making pictures on the field.  I am still working on some of them, because it takes some time in photoshop to stitch the photos together.

Working with the band was awesome!  It's hard to imagine all the fun that happens when you are taking pictures of the Marching Mules!!IMG_7479 Mules Pano

(Anderson Photography) Mon, 15 Oct 2012 18:39:00 GMT
A Little Bit of Country The other day I went out and explored the area where I live and I found some amazing sites tucked away beyond the hills no where near pavement.  I went out on my four-wheeler just to go riding, and to my amazement found several places that I have overlooked before.  I believe that it is important that we take a look into what we have around us and see the beauty of our local home rather than always trying to plan a trip to a far away place that will end up costing hundreds of dollars.  I just fell in love with all that was around me and I didn't even know it was there before...  Life has beauty all around it for us to enjoy, we just have to stop ourselves in our busy schedule and look around. Never take things for granted, you never know when things will change and they will never be the same after it.

To me the countryside is what makes living in Linn County such a blessing, there are so many places that you have to drive miles to get away from the hussle and bustle of the city life. I find it very peaceful and relaxing to go out in the evening to enjoy the crisp air. One evening I walked my dog, and while doing so I remembered why I love it so much more than the city life, a person can walk the dog without having a leash and stay out in the field as long as one might want.  It just seems to me there is a lot more freedom out in the country that you don't have in town or the city. I will always love the country and no one will ever be able to change that about me. I especially love taking pictures of the country and farms. It hits home for me to see the farms in photos. 

My home was once a farm, before we moved there, and I can see the farm life all around me when I am home from college.  The drive to college is awesome!! Mainly it's all country for the first half till I get to Marshall then it's four-lane there on out where as before that it's all two lane country roads. There has been countless times on my way through there I have had to slow down or stop for farm equipment to pass or I have to follow them for a few miles (till I can pass them safely) down the road.  I can't wait till the fall colors come in, the drive will be such a beautiful sight!

(Anderson Photography) Wed, 19 Sep 2012 01:35:46 GMT
A Little Photography Philosophy to Live By... This is a little quote that I heard from a friend and I thought that it applies not only to photographers but also to anyone going through life:

Life is like a camera- Focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out, take another shot.

I believe that anyone can get some good out of that saying... It applies to everyday life when you are going through a troubled time, you pick yourself up and try it again.  I don't know how many times I have used this idea in photography... I always seem to mess up the very first shot, then rest tend to come into focus and be where I want them to be.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I have all the pictures of the Linn County Fair uploaded for viewing.  If you want access please feel free to contact me.

Also I have two of the three days of the Bucklin Homecoming pictures uploaded for viewing.  I am working on the third now...

(Anderson Photography) Thu, 16 Aug 2012 16:21:40 GMT
Facebook Well I thought I would tell everyone that, the Anderson Photography Facebook page just hit 100 likes today!!  That is awesome!!  It's amazing how far Anderson Photography has came along over the past year!!  I plan to continue to grow into a huge business, but time will tell!

I thought I would let you guys know that I have some really cool pictures of some clouds and lightening that I will soon upload (as soon as I get caught up with the fair pictures).  It is taking me forever to get these pictures sorted and uploaded.  In the future I will probably limit myself a little bit so that I don't spend so many hours editing and uploading.  Who am I kidding I will take just as many or more probably just because I love being a part of the fair.  I hope that I will be able to take the pictures of the fair next year like I did this past year.

There is a chance that I won't be able to be there all day to take all the different photos of every different event of the fair.  With me being in college and all, my parents want me to look into a job or internships during the summer to help pay for some the upcoming bills that I will have.  So I hope you don't get your hopes up to much if I can't be there all day for the fair.  I am hoping if I do get a job or internship I will be able to take pictures at the events that are held in the evenings, like the swine show or the awards.  Only time will tell at this point!!

I would like to thank everyone who supports me in my photography!!  It's because you guys that drive me to keep going and make awesome pictures!  Without the support of everyone I wouldn't see this all possible!!

All the Best,

Mathew Anderson 

(Anderson Photography) Mon, 30 Jul 2012 01:09:34 GMT
2012 Linn County Fair I was fortunate enough this year to be able to photograph the county fair to it's fullest.  I was there everyday to get a show covered so that there may be pictures in Fair Advertisement book.  Not only did I photograph the exhibitors at the fair but there were several others as well helping out.  I very much appreciate them and all they do!!  Otherwise without their help, I would have been stressed to the point of no return.  Today especially, I was kept busy photographing the award winning beef, while the show kept on going.  Thanks to Kacee George for getting some candid shots that I on the other hand wouldn't have been able to do because I couldn't be in two places at one time.

I ended up with everyone's photos with a total well over 8000.  This is totally awesome!!  The only downside is that it is going to take me a whole bunch of time to get through all the photos.  So please be patient with me is all that I ask!!  I think I have had more fun behind the lens this year than ever participating in the fair at any other year...  Oh well, at least that way I will still be able to have fun even when I get to "old" to do certain activities.  

There will be a lot of photos for each event that happened at the fair, I just hope that everybody likes what I have to offer, especially since it is free to them.  Let me know if you see any changes you want done to the photos and how it is set up online.

(Anderson Photography) Sun, 15 Jul 2012 05:15:39 GMT
State Track Just to let everybody know, I will be able to attend State Track in Jefferson City to take pictures of the Brookfield track members who are competing.  I am looking forward to all the activities that are going to happen there.  I just got to looking at the amount of pictures I have taken, there are over 41,000 pictures just from this past school year. 

Congratulations to the class of 2012, I will get pictures uploaded sometime soon, thanks to Julie Wright for taking the pictures, it's kind of hard if I were to take the pictures because, you may all know I am a senior that graduated with the class of 2012!!!  There were about 300 pictures from graduation, there are pictures of every senior getting their diplomas, which is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Anderson Photography) Mon, 14 May 2012 05:39:00 GMT
New Senior Photos I just finished with some new senior pictures!!!  I had a lot of fun with all different types of backgrounds we used.  The barns and the fields were just the beginning!!! I am looking forward to being able to use some new techniques I learned from this experience in my later photography settings.  Feel free to contact me if you are wanting some portraits done of your family or friends.  My cell number is 660-412-2098, I am available in the evenings to take pictures but please set up an appointment so that there isn't any conflicts!!  I am not available between the 7:30AM-3:00PM until school is done on May 13th...

(Anderson Photography) Tue, 01 May 2012 18:32:27 GMT
600 Vistors Today we have hit over 600 visits on this website!!!  I am glad that knowledge of has been spread out. Just for those of you that don't know, my website has been visited all around the world.  There has been visitors from Australia, Prague, Poland, and Italy!!! I can't wait to see in the future on where and who will visit this website.  I am currently working on a lot of photos so please understand and be patient with me!!  It takes a while of going through all the processes of developing pictures, I try to make sure that everyone gets good quality photos!!

(Anderson Photography) Thu, 26 Apr 2012 03:50:13 GMT
Weekly Update Just to keep everybody informed on what's going on, today I took some senior pictures and started uploading Choir concert pictures.  Friday April 20, I was fortunate enough to be able to take pictures of the Brookfield Relays.  I ended up with 1400 pictures all together.  I love taking Track pictures, there is always something going on that never lets a person get bored photographing.  Tomorrow on April 22, I will be leaving with some of my fellow students and going to the State FBLA convention.  Hopefully I will be able to get some good pictures of the participants in their events and skits!!

Tomorrow will be a Good Day!!!!

(Anderson Photography) Sun, 22 Apr 2012 05:13:43 GMT
Band Concert Pictures! Finally due to some free time, I was able to get all the pictures uploading of the annual Band Concert that was in February.  I do apologize for taking so long to those uploaded for everybody!  I can't wait to catch up a little bit on these pictures, I feel so far behind in getting things uploaded.  I would like to get the rest of the football pictures uploaded some time before it's time to graduate!!!  We will have to see what happens here in the near future.

(Anderson Photography) Wed, 18 Apr 2012 04:41:04 GMT
The Power Team Just thought I would let everyone know, that I had an awesome time taking pictures of the Power Team!!!  Check out the gallery and see  for yourself the wonders these guys can do!!  It's pure amazing!!

(Anderson Photography) Tue, 17 Apr 2012 03:44:49 GMT
New Photos... Anderson Photography has a whole bunch of photos yet to come out!  There is Track and several pictures of the Jazz Band and the Concert Band...  It will be exciting to see all the new pictures done and released for the public eye to see!  If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

(Anderson Photography) Mon, 16 Apr 2012 18:55:50 GMT